Source Code

eMusic applications are created using Mozilla Xulrunner 1.8 sources. This provides a stable environment and support for legacy systems. As such we have had to overlay the Mozilla sources with new functionality. The checkout process below is fully automated and will apply the patches. You will be able to build eMusic Download Manager 4.0 and/or eMusic Remote 1.0 from the same tree. While they share some common core code DLM and Remote have significant visual interface differences and are stored separately in the tree.

Important: You will need to prepare your builds environment in accordance with the Mozilla Build prerequisites. Click here for the Mozilla build documentation.

To view the source using the CVS web interface click here: bootstrap and main sources.

To checkout sources the first time:

cvs -d login
# The password for user anonymous is anonymous.

cvs -d login
# The password for user guest is guest.

cvs -d co -r EMUSIC_1_8_BRANCH -d emusic-src emusic/bootstrap

cd emusic-src
make -f first-checkout

Switch base configs and update eMusic sources (run once after first checkout)

# Configure to build DLM 4.0
make -f dlm-mozconfig


# Configure to build Remote 1.0
make -f remote-mozconfig

To build the first time:

cd mozilla
make -f build

To update eMusic sources after the first checkout:

cd emusic-src
make -f

To build only eMusic after the initial build:

cd <objdir>/emusic

CVS client and Help Documentation links: