DLM Changelog

1/21 (2009121001) - ** Official DLM 4.1.4 Release **:

  • Update: Mac OS: complete revamp of installer.
  • Update: Improved file downloading and completion testing.
  • Update: No longer clearing errors or expired tracks with Clear Completed button.
  • Update: Tracks downloaded but failed to sync will not be redownloaded on restart just synced.
  • Update: Windows: Better internal file naming for easier firewall detection.
  • Fixed: Check for updates dialog collision when Preferences or Setup Wizard windows were open.
  • Fixed: Windows: Minor patch to Artist/Album checking and reserved words for directories.
  • Fixed: Mac OS: 10.5/10.6 plug-in is now fully compatible with 32 & 64 bit operating systems as well as an alternate for 10.4 users.

Known Issues and Investigating:

Remote Changelog

1/6 (2008010601) ** Development Builds **:

  • DLM Changes have been rolled into Remote and builds have been updated.

Changelog Archive

9/8 (2009090801) - ** Official DLM 4.1.3 Release ** :

  • Updated: Mac OS: Full PPC/Intel Plug-in support for Firefox, Safari, Camino, Chrome, etc.
  • Updated: Windows: Full integration browser plug-in for Firefox, Chrome & Safari.
  • Updated: Mac OS: Installer enhancements to ease upgrade.
  • Updated: Mac OS: Removed new prompt introduced with 10.5.8 and above:
    "'sample.emx' is an application downloaded from the internet. Are you sure you want to open it?."
  • Fixed: Removed improperly bundled PPC file from Universal & Intel Builds, causing Rosetta prompts with Snow Leopard

5/29 (2009052901) - ** Official DLM 4.1.2 Release ** :

  • Fixed: Windows: Checking for reserved words and trailing periods in folder names.
  • Fixed: Mac OS: Opera was not detecting browser plug-in.
  • Fixed: Auto-proxy was not being detected properly

2/17 (2009021701) - ** Official DLM 4.1.1 Release ** :

  • Added: Larger album art image file now saved along with tracks by default.
  • Added: Windows: now importing custom proxy settings on startup.
  • Updated: Mac OS: 10.3.9 is now the minimum supported operating system.
  • Updated: Enhanced mp3 download error and no album art checking.
  • Updated: Adjusted Cancel and Resume functionality to allow canceling of download error and to not resume canceled downloads.
  • Fixed: Random issues with downloads not being flagged as complete when they actually are.
  • Fixed: Tracks improperly doubled in the queue when DLM was not running or if redownloading unfinished tracks from previous session.
  • Fixed: Downloading Audiobooks would not switch to the Audiobooks view.
  • Fixed: Windows: 4.1 Installer would crash after first splash screen.
  • Fixed: Media syncing options were not being properly recognized for users upgrading

1/6 (2008010601) - ** Official 4.1 Release ** :

  • Added: "Windows" menu to aid for navigation and accessibility.
  • Added: Tools menu now includes "Error Console" option for debugging DLM issues.
  • Updated: Windows: Installer includes better messaging when upgrading browser plug-in that is in use.
  • Updated: Adjusted DLM upgrade notification to remove the potential of tracks being truncated
  • Updated: Upgrade version number checking has been changed to avoid future issues
  • Fixed: Default syncing application was not being selected in wizard or options if custom media player was selected.
  • Fixed: Now properly updating status for expired downloads on startup.
  • Fixed: Quit sequence was not properly prompting if actively downloading
  • Fixed: Windows: Improperly imported filename template could lead to files with no track name.
  • Fixed: Windows: Rare issue with Vista where DLM plug-in would crash Firefox 3.x after attempting a download.
  • Fixed: Windows: Added additional checks to make sure previous instances of DLM are given enough time to close.
  • Fixed: Windows: New users who opted for the Firefox toolbar could not access Firefox because the installer was the topmost window.
  • Fixed: Mac: Installer now uses case specific path for plug-in, /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/

12/4 (2008120401) - ** Official Release ** :

  • Added: Windows: Now includes full browser integration for Firefox 2/3, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Flock, SeaMonkey, Songbird and other Netscape Plug-in compatible browsers.
  • Updated: Mac: Existing Mac Safari Plug-in fully supports Firefox 2/3 integration. (Currently only on Intel build)
  • Updated: No longer saving "no album art" image to folder.
  • Updated: Enhanced download error checking to correctly identify real download errors.
  • Updated: Integrated new application icons.
  • Updated: Optimized code and general tweaking.

11/10 (2008111001) ** Official DLM Release **:

  • Added: Option to disable iTunes playlist creation/updating
  • Fixed: Some DLM 3 imported track values where causing DLM 4 to crash after the setup wizard
  • Fixed: Windows: Corrupt iTunes installation caused DLM to crash when trying to create/update iTunes playlist
  • Fixed: Windows: Tweaked long filename checking to remove additional spacing which caused download to fail for some tracks
  • Fixed: Linux: Minor issue where default theme was not bundled properly with optimizations

10/27 (2008102701) ** Official DLM Release **:

  • Fixed: Quotes in Album name where not being cleaned up properly causing downloads to fail
  • Fixed: Imported preference of forward slash for filename separator broke file path and download progress
  • Fixed: Linux: leading and trailing periods in Album and Artist directory caused downloads to fail
  • Updated: Optimized build process to remove unused dependencies and trim total application size

10/06 (2008100601) ** Official DLM Release **:

  • Fixed: Incorrect status message when pausing downloads
  • Fixed: Windows: long filename weren't always saved in the proper directory structure
  • Fixed: Mac: long filename cleanup code
  • Fixed: Failed syncing would not allow downloading to continue
  • Fixed: Windows: syncing to corrupt Winamp installation would not allow downloading to continue
  • Updated: Syncing and Downloading tweaks for smoother transition
  • Updated: Windows: create/update playlist for iTunes has been optimized

9/18 (2008091801) ** Official DLM Release **:

  • Updated: Tweaked download sequence
  • Fixed: Mac: Issue when creating default download directory for new eMusic users

9/16 (2008091601) ** Official DLM 4.0 Release **: